Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Speckled Spectacle

The evening before last, we had a spectacular visit from the bluebird family. I was able to get photos of all five baby bluebirds. Mr. Blue was not around, which is highly unusual. I've never seen the babies without Mr. Blue close behind. So I hope he is okay. He was my first bluebird and I've grown very fond of him.

The bluebirds are not coming on a daily basis anymore. I think Mrs. Blue is keeping them busy learning the rounds of the neighborhood, teaching them how and where to get food on their own. This would be one of their stops.

The first baby lands on the feeding station and helps himself to a worm. He is joined by Mrs. Blue (left) and another baby. Pretty soon, a third baby joins the fun. (image can be clicked for a larger view)

Three babies on the feeding station now, a fourth joins. The fifth baby was a bit timid and stayed on the ash tree trunk. Mrs. Blue flies over and talks to him a bit, but he never did join the others at the feeding station.
(image can be clicked for a larger view)


John said...

Great photos! I miss the bluebirds now that they don' come every day. It was good to see that all five babies grew up to be healthy birds.

-Your Husband

Marcia said...

Great photos Jen! Thanks for the birthday wishes! I'm enjoying my birthday beans!