Monday, July 30, 2007

Sneak Peeks

Henry is curious as cats are known to be, but he is especially interested in any work requiring tools. He's a man's cat. Not fond of the noise, he watches from outside, on the patio step.

We've been working on a renovation of my home studio space. We raised the ceiling to a vaulted ceiling, giving me much more room for lights and other equipment. While I'm not quite ready for the big reveal, a few sneak peeks couldn't hurt. We still have a bit to do... trim work, finish tiling around the fireplace, install some lights, etc. But the last really big project for the room, the wood floor, was our job for the weekend. We used pre-finished, solid hardwood, Birdseye Maple 2 1/4" strip flooring. It was a family endeavor. Molly and I laid out the wood planks in a random arrangement, and placed each piece in place. John, the muscles of the team, operated the floor nailer.

Clarence gave his approval this morning, while soaking up some rays. This is a much nicer place to lounge while mom works, than the old floor.

Travertine tile for the fireplace surround. Local code dictates, 20" of non-combustible material on the floor and 12" on the wall.

Wall color, "Wheat Bread", a soft gray with a hint of warmth.

"Did you sneak a peek?"
"Yeah, I snuck a peek, didn't you?"
-From Seinfeld

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