Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hello Again!

I spoke/wrote too soon. The bluebird family must read my blog. They came back this morning. I’m guessing that they had to relocate because of a predator, such as a hawk. I know we have at least one around here, as I used to see it flying through the trees during the winter. A family of crows was sounding the alarm, I mean really going crazy, all day Saturday. It amazed me that they could keep up that racket for so long. So I hope their move was only temporary. I understand that they must do, whatever they must do, to keep their babies safe. They are smart birds.

This morning, awake but still in bed, with the window shade up, I could see out the window. I must admit, I was looking for birds, the blue kind. In the hickory tree beyond the rock wall a cardinal landed and then swooped down and out of sight, probably to the seed feeder beside that tree. Then in the maple tree, right outside my bedroom window, I saw a bluebird, Mrs. Blue actually. She stayed there just a minute, as we looked at each other. I called to Hubby, "There's a bluebird outside our window!" Then she flew off in the direction of the feeding station in the side yard. I threw on some outside clothes (going outside in pajamas is reserved for cat emergencies) and ran downstairs. Grabbing the tub ‘o worms, I shoved on my boots and was out the door. As I rounded the corner, Mrs. Blue flew off of the feeding station and went towards the maple tree. I heard the urgent chirping of the hungry babies. I scooped a generous serving of worms, poured them into the dish, and whistled for the bluebirds. Mrs. Blue came to the oak tree beside me. Happy now, I slogged off in my boots, to watch from inside.

Mr. and Mrs. Blue did their usual routine, alternating turns. Fly to the oak tree, fly down to the feeder, scoop worms in beak, fly to babies. Repeat. On one of the trips, Mrs. Blue on the feeder, a third bird followed Mr. Blue into the oak tree. A baby! One extra hungry, brave, little guy decided he could probably get more worms if he followed daddy. I got my binoculars in time to see Mrs. Blue shove a worm or two into his gaping mouth. He swallows it quickly and opens up again, "More please." His mouth is still yellow, as it was when he was one day old. She gives him more worms and then back to the feeder. The baby, almost as big as his parents, is much bigger than those days of being a nestling. He has a few blue feathers, but not nearly as ornate as his father. His chest is brown with white speckles. I hope to get a picture soon, as I’ve been planning to do for weeks. It was good to see the bluebird family again. I hope they are here to stay.

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