Friday, July 13, 2007

Early Bird Special

A fleeting moment of opportunity. I barely had time to aim, focus and shoot.
A baby bluebird with his daddy, and almost as big.

One shot and they were gone. A blur of blue feathers.

I’ve been really wanting to get a good look at the baby bluebirds and also get a picture. The parents have been secretive as to their whereabouts, keeping them in trees with dense leaves. Last night was cool and not humid, and so we slept with the window open for fresh air. I awoke this morning at 6 a.m. to the sound of baby bluebirds chirping. I quietly crept out of bed so as not to wake up Henry cat at my feet and Hubby at my side. I was rewarded with a view of the bluebirds feeding the babies. Two babies were perched on a bare branch of the mostly dead ash tree in our side yard. With no leaves to cover them, I had a good view at eye level. I was excited to see them, so I woke up Hubby to tell him. He was happy too.

We went downstairs for coffee and I went to my usual morning spot by the dining room window to watch for bluebirds. We didn’t need to feed them today since a good amount of worms accidentally fell on the ground yesterday and were unrecoverable. Although we were unable to get them untangled from the grass, the bluebirds have no problem plucking them out. They discovered the worms this morning, and the babies decided to take this opportunity to start plucking worms themselves.

While Mrs. Blue was fetching a worm from the ground, a baby landed on the rock wall. Mrs. Blue went to him and fed him a worm. Then it was his turn. Mama sat on the rock wall watching, standing guard is more like it, while the baby flew down to the ground to find a worm. A blue jay got nosy and a bit too close. The parents sprung into action and chased it away. Eventually, the baby flew up into the dogwood tree on the corner of the house. I was able to get a good up close look at him from the living room window, so cute, with his speckles.

Next another baby wanted to join the one in the dogwood tree. She flew over, but not an expert flier yet, she had trouble with the landing and grasping a branch at the same time part of it. Her parents flew over, as if to help, maybe just as protection from an attack, maybe for moral support. She flew back to the ash tree trunk for a rest, and then made an attempt to land on the copper pipe that holds the feeding station up. That didn’t work. She landed on the ground. “Hmm, there are worms down here. Think I’ll have some.” All this time on the ground, makes me nervous. I think wistfully back to the days when they were safe in their nest box.

Back up on the second floor a bit later, I looked out the window and heard first, then saw three babies in the dogwood tree. They’re a bit spastic and hopping around, chirping. Daddy brings a worm to them and is practically attacked for the food. They are very eager to have those worms. In the flash of blue feathers, I assume one of them got the worm, and Mr. Blue flies away to the oak tree. The three babies (I think boys) fly after him hot on his tail feathers, asking for food. I think it may be time, soon at least, for them to start getting their own. Mama and Daddy must be exhausted.

While waiting for Bluebirds to come back, I get another photo op. My friend the chipmunk comes by for a visit.
He says hi to me each day and helps himself to Alpine Strawberries in my garden.


Anonymous said...

I love reading about the baby bluebirds. I got to see the speckled babies hopping around on the ground too.


Marcia said...

Great pictures as usual! I've enjoyed keeping up with all the wild things in the old neighborhood while I've been away!

Jen said...

Thanks John and Marcia.