Friday, July 27, 2007

Garden Buddies

I keep getting emailed this article that's been in the news the last few days. It's about a cat that can predict when residents of the hospice where he lives are about to expire. My neighbor pointed out that "people must think you're a cat person!" Yes, I am. I do love my furry little guys. Why should I be the only one to witness their cuteness?

As I mentioned before, they do keep me company when I'm out in the garden or yard. They are my garden buddies. Sounds like some kind of gadget or something. I do love my gadgets, like my weed hound for pulling out those pesky dandelions in the spring. I thought they were flowers when I was a kid and am probably responsible for the proliferation of millions of those fluffy seeds I used to make wishes on. But my garden buddies are not tools. They're soft, cuddly, happy little cats.

"Hi mama, I'm checking that the soaker hoses are working properly in the artichoke bed."

"You look better this way mom. I can see up your nose too."

Sometimes, they have a cute competition. That is where one cat does something cute first and then the other then copies.

"Follow the leader!"

But it's not all fun and games. They have their serious sides too.

"Strike a pose! Vogue, vogue..."

"I know there are rodents in this wall and I'm not going to stand for it!"

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Marcia said...

Great pictures of two of my favorite furry people! It's fun to visit them, and the veggies, without having to actually walk across the street LOL!