Monday, July 9, 2007

Bye Bye Bluebirdie?

One of my favorite pictures of Mr. Blue taken shortly after he started visiting us.
I was able to get very close to him.

I don't know if this is goodbye forever or just a while. But I haven't seen or heard the bluebirds in a day and a half. No phone call, no note, not even an email! I look for them and listen for them whenever I'm outside. Nope, no bluebirds. I had visions of mama and daddy bringing the babies over for dinner, some evening this summer. Maybe we'd toss some worms on the BBQ, have some lemonade, and laugh about old times.

Hubby and I played golf at the town golf course, Richter Park, this weekend and on the 16th and 17th greens, we heard bluebirds. Then on the 18th green, I was on the tee box preparing to swing and saw a family of bluebirds getting bugs to eat. They fly down to the ground, scoop up their prize, and fly back up, all very quickly. It made me a little lonesome for my blue friends. Hopefully, they're just on a summer vacation, and will return again sometime soon.

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