Monday, June 25, 2007

Where Have You Been?

Well, I know where I've been. Gone to Chicago for a few days (more on that later). A few days away, turns into a week or more with preparation before and then, a few days of catching up with things once I'm back. Don't worry, the babies, tomatoes, and kitties were carefully watched after while I was away. The baby birds are starting to get feathers!

This picture was taken on Friday, day 8 for them. The babies don't bother to wake up for me anymore. They now know the difference between the sounds I make and bluebird sounds.

The mama and daddy birds feed the babies quite often. At first, it was only a worm or two for each baby per feeding. Here is Mrs. Blue four days after the babies hatched.

Now they load up as many worms as they can fit into their beaks for each trip to the nest box. Here is Mr. Blue eight days after the babies hatched. He feeds the babies just as often, if not more than the mama. The food we provide is only a supplement to what they catch on their own. The parent birds are constantly feeding the babies throughout the day.

I was worried at first when the babies didn't react to me when I opened the nest box and whistled for them. Then I watched from inside the house as the parents fed them. With the window open, I was able to hear their frantic peeping each time Mama or Daddy entered the box with food. Each baby has to compete for the attention and food from the parent birds. The loudest peep, gets the worm. I think I know some humans like that too.

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