Friday, June 8, 2007

I Spy With My Own Little Eye...

something that rhymes with type paw cherry. For those of you who aren't good at that game, it's a ripe strawberry! Shhh, don't say it too loudly. They're hiding, and it's a good thing too, because the bluejays (not to be confused with bluebirds) have been eyeing them for weeks, just waiting, waiting for that berry, and all her brothers and sisters, to ripen. Much the way I do as well. They dive bomb me when I'm working in the garden too. They want me to go away and leave all the booty to them. The nerve! Don't they know these are my berries? Probably not. I think bluejays subscribe to the finders keepers train of thought. That's why I put mesh netting over my berries. I'm hoping it keeps them out. I may have to electrify them to keep the humans out as well. Just kidding... or am I??? I wouldn't chance it if I were you. Just sayin.

Next up is my first teeny, tiny tomato from my Tumbling Tom Red (not to confused with Tumbling Tom Yellow) tomato plant. This one is a few days old, so you can see it better than the others in the background. It was only the size of a BB a couple days ago. Now it's the size of a... slightly bigger BB.

This guy is my Super Bush tomato plant. Look how sturdy. Look how masculine. Definitely a boy, at least to me. When I was giving away seedlings, everyone wanted these. They got all excited by the thick stem and sturdy appearance. Well, looks aren't everything you know. Show me the tomatoes, say I!

Well, it's a start at least. See that dried up blossom on the left? Pushing it out is a tiny tomato fruit ready to start growing. I would have pulled the blossom off to show you, but I don't want to tempt fate. I mean one slip of the finger and oops! No more baby tomato. So for now, hands off!

Here we have an Aurora Pepper. To give you an idea of it's size, the widest part is about the width of my index finger. My first time growing it, I'm not completely sure how big the peppers will get, as they are supposed to be small, but I think it has a little bit more growing to do. Just a bit. No one really wanted these seedlings when I was giving them away. Yes, it's a hot pepper, but not very, I don't think. It's a number 3 on a scale of 0 to 5 according to my seed source. Zero being a sweet pepper, like the bell peppers you get at the super market, no heat at all. I was happy to keep my extras anyway. The plants don't get very large and it's said that it's fruit ripens from purple to orange to red and you end up with all colors on the plant at once. I think it will be pretty. Can't wait to see.

Lemon tree very pretty and the flower so sweet... okay, she's not looking very pretty in this photo, but look! On the bottom there, that nubbin, the green thing, is that a lemon forming?! I hope so. Over the winter, while Miss Lemontree was inside the house, I tried to play bee and pollinate her flowers. She got a few of these forming, but they all fell off eventually. Not the right time I guess. She wasn't ready, not enough sun. But now, it could be the right time. Could be. No pressure Miss Lemontree

There's always the hope of these little pretties. My little tree is covered with buds. Oh and the flowers DO indeed smell sweet.

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