Friday, June 29, 2007

Make Your Tomatoes Grow!

Stare at them! They can feel it and it makes them happy. Check them several times a day! So they don't get lonely. If you don't have time in the morning before work, that's okay. Just look at them when you get home and then again a little later. Tomatoes don't have a very good sense of time. Keep positive thoughts about your tomatoes. No negative thinking allowed. Take pictures! And then compare. See, they are growing. Here's the proof right here.

Super Bush. You remember him, right? Remember that new little tomato that was pushing it's way out not too long ago (21 days to be exact)? Well, he's about 3 inches across now and there's lots more smaller ones right behind him. I counted 22. Then I realize from outside of the garden fence, that there were other ones that I didn't see. So lets just call it, more than 22. Wonder how long it will be till ripe ones. I think that first one, has a little bit more growing to go before ripening.

Now, now, don't be jealous. If you have one of these plants and you're wondering why you don't have a three inch tomato on there yet, maybe it's because I started this one just a wee bit earlier this year. Just for fun. I thought I could put it in a container and put it out early and get a few early tomatoes. Next year, I'm going to start one tomato early again, but even earlier! Also, the staring and checking and photographing helps too. So if you haven't been doing that, you better start! If you do have a three inch tomato, bravo!

Here's an update of Tumbling Tom Red. Don't know which tomato was the one I showed you before. The plant is covered with tomatoes and still cranking out flowers. Being cherry tomatoes, many are about full grown now. Time to ripen! Tumbling Tom Yellow is also covered with tomatoes, but not quite as many and not quite as big a plant. I'll give him a break since that seed was started later. Don't you love cherry tomatoes? They grow so quickly. They give you a constant supply through the summer. They don't quit till frost. What more could you ask for?

I guess it would be hard to make a nice juicy sandwich with cherry tomatoes. So we must also grow some biggies. Beefsteaks are starting to do their thing now too. Here's Cherokee Purple. If it's not quite clear yet, I really like growing purple veggies (there will be more coming soon!). Although, Chereokee Purple (Oops! Typo! Wonder if there is a Chereokee tomato, perhaps it sings poorly in a bar on Tuesday nights! Or goes well with that ringed cereal!) has purple in it's name, in tomato lingo, purple doesn't really mean purple. It's more like a dark pink/red. Well, I'll show you when they ripen. These are still small, bigger than a cherry, but smaller than a ping pong ball, they will get much bigger. The word Cherokee in the name, comes from the belief that these heirloom tomatoes were grown by the Cherokee Indians. Isn't that a neat thought? That these seeds were passed down from generation to generation and we are eating the same food?

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