Monday, February 4, 2008

Show Off

Left to right: Peas forming in pods late June, Mystery Tomato (we don't know what variety), Artichoke bud.

Well, I never really thought it would turn out this way, but it seems I won a contest. It's the Kitchen Gardeners International Grow Off Show Off. So I entered my blog back in October, and I won second place! I'm surprised and delighted. My prize is a brand new Mantis Garden Tiller. It's a bit of a tease seeing as how the ground is frozen solid around these parts right now. But seeing that tiller just makes me beam. And soon enough when the ground thaws and it's time to plant again, I'll be tilling up a storm. So thank you KGI. Thank you Mother Earth News. Thank You Mantis.

Since we're in the dead of winter, there's not a ton of garden stuff going on right now on the blog. So if you're curious, here are links to the postings mentioned in my entry:

June: I Spy With My Own Little Eye, Make Your Tomatoes Grow
July: Say Peas, Dig It, Snappy Beans, Harvest A Rainbow, Take the Bad with the Good, Crudités For Two, ANTICIPATION, You Say Toe-mah-to
August: Eat What You Grow, Cool As A Cucumber, Picky Picker Pickin' Pretty Produce, Three Ears A Nose and a Catface, Fingers Digging For Fingerlings
September: How Do Ya Like Dem 'Maters!

For the record, I'm no expert, far from it. I make lots of mistakes, sometimes funny, sometimes painful. I wouldn't dare dole out advice. I'll just share with you some of what I do. I'm just a girl with a garden, a sweet hubby, and couple of cats, who likes to show it off.


John said...

Congratulations! I like the links to your past postings. It make it easier to catch up on things. I am looking forward to spring too, and the soup that you made this week makes me look forward to more tomatoes.

virtual said...

Thanks I found this link and got free shipping on my new mantis tiller though mantis direct. Your info helped me pick on out. I figured I would send you this link to show where I got the free shipping. Thanks Jen