Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rain Drops Keep Falling

on my head. The past couple of days have been rainy. Today however, we have a bit of warmth along with the rain. We can only hope the winter is behind us. These first harbingers of spring give us a glimpse of what's soon to come. Warm, sun filled days are not far off.

I love to go out and shoot in the rain or right after a rain. Everything is so fresh, the colors saturated.

As I'm writing this, I have the feeling these crocuses will not be there much longer. I can see four hungry deer from my office window. They're munching on what little bits of green they can find growing in the woods. It won't be long before they make their way around to the front of the house and find those crocuses. I'm amazed they've made it this long. They're the first to come and also the first to go.

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