Monday, April 7, 2008

Orchid Show

I always seem to find out about these things at the last minute. Yesterday was the last day of the Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden. If you live in the area and didn't go, well, I suppose there's always next year. Until then, you can see a few of the blooms here. Too many photos to post in a day, I'll post more tomorrow.

As usual, Sundays at the Gardens are a mad house. I think also being the last day of the show, hordes of late comers like myself were there. All the murmurings in the air were "excuse me," "oops, sorry," in between, "ooh, that's a pretty one," and "wow, look at that."

I admittedly know nothing about orchids. It was just a little too crazy to note the names of each flower. So just take them for what they're worth. Some pretty pictures on a gray day.

I think this may be my favorite one

Amazing color!

Love those blotches!

Soft yellow on the outside, and pow, hot stuff in the middle!


This one reminds me of the leis you get upon arrival in Hawaii.

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John said...

Outstanding photos! Well worth dealing with the crowds. We will have to put in on the calender for next year. -John