Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tea Anyone?

My first tea chest. This one is oak.

One of my goals as a woodworker is to be able to make perfect little boxes. I have for a while now, had a project in mind to make a tea chest. I've seen them for sale in stores but they are always way too big and lined with bright red satin or some such thing. I can see how a large tea chest would be appealing since you can fit more tea, but where do I fit the chest? So I wanted to make something that would be small enough as to fit easily into the landscape of one's home, but also big enough to put a few varieties.

This is my first attempt. Made of oak, it's 9 3/4" x 4". I put six different teas inside and gave it away. Maybe I'll keep the next one. It's fun making boxes. This is just the beginning of my box making project.

Three compartments inside hold six varieties of tea.

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ButterflyDesign said...

This is fabulous! I would love to buy a tea chest like this! Let know if you ever sell them!