Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Year, New Calendar

Last Christmas I had made a calendar for my hubby as a gift. I didn't find the time to do it again in time for Christmas, but better late than never, I always say. An email from, got me searching for images. Last year's calendar was all cat pictures. This time around, 2008 is all garden images. Some veggies, some flowers, some veggie blossoms. Here's what we'll be looking at in the coming year. All of these pictures were photographed by me in my garden.

January, Asparagus on Walnut Wood

February, Green Onion (or scallion as some call them) seed heads.

March, Green Arrow Peas.

April, Blackbeard Iris.

May, a Peony with rain drops.

In June life is just a bowl of Strawberries.

July, hot weather = Hot Peppers (Aurora)

August, Richmond Green Apple Cucumbers with Borage

September, Tahiti Sunrise Iris

October, Bee in Sebring Squash Blossom

November, cucumber tendril

December, Nasturtiums

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