Monday, August 13, 2007

Home Is Where the Cats Are

Had a busy weekend. The kind where we are just going and going and there's no relaxation to speak of. And by relaxation, I mean sitting around doing nothing. You know, real relaxation, where you're home on the couch like a lump. Didn't get much sleep because of just staying up late and then not being able to sleep, otherwise known as insomnia, Saturday night. Had a family party to go to Sunday too. Before leaving the house, we got the cats inside, safe and sound. Upon returning home that night, we are greeted with sleepy, blinking eyes, welcoming us at the door.

Henry and Clarence, our two cats, were very lovey last night. Hubby and I each get a cat to snuggle and settled in on the couch for a while before going to bed. As I held Clarence, I thought, yup, home is where the cat is, there's no doubt about that. We don't have many pictures of that because of a thing called cat priority©. Cat priority dictates, if you have a cat on your lap, you do not have to get up to do anything. The person without a cat, has to get up and do whatever you ask, reach the remote, get a drink, whatever. In the case where both people have cat priority, they basically cancel each other out and no one has to do anything.

My favorite picture of Henry of late, is this one I shot last week. I was leaving the house to do some errands and there he was in the window box. I had to go back inside and get my camera and take a few pictures. He was a bit sleepy. Cute nonetheless. Some scratches convinced him to wake up for a quick photo.

A few flowers got mushed, but who could blame him for liking that spot?

It's hard for me to get pictures of the cats doing cute things. They always walk to me when they see me. Leaving whatever picturesque spot they are in, breaking whatever cute pose, to come say hi and get a petting. I have to be quick and also persistent and carrying around a camera doesn't hurt either.

Clarence has a way of hanging his paws off the back porch in a cute fashion.

Here are some video clips of our purring, furry babies. One of the perks of cat ownership, and by that I mean being owned by a cat, is the lullaby of the purr and the soft fur and then the next thing you know you're drifting off to sleee..... Oops! You gotta watch out, they'll sleepify© you!

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